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Psychodynamics Research Institute is the leading scientific research organization advancing the fields of subconscious motivation, human potential, and rapid learning. We develop educational programs to help people extend the power of their mind.

Medical imaging 3D scan of a male human body
A scientist demonstrating visible waves emanating from a device on a table

The Soviet “Mind Control” Tape

Digitized in the highest possible quality, PRI has made this recording available for research and experimentation.

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Subliminals: placebo? Or scientific?

Some people say that self-help subliminal recordings are simply a “placebo” and only work because the listener believes in them. Yet other research shows that some subliminal stimuli really can influence choices. Can subliminals really affect your mind?

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An audio engineer uses a large studio reel to reel recorder

Areas of research


Subliminal motivation

Habit elimination


HPA axis regulation



Direct-to-brain communications

REM state induction


Autogenic relaxation

Subconscious learning