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Please read what a few who've said "yes" now say...

"Thank you. I've tried them all! and really didn't expect too much, but in less than one week a task that I have found difficult for over 30 years has become effortless and enjoyable. The tape I bought for my grandchild is showing the same wonderful results, so now I'm enclosing an order for birthday presents."

G.S., New York

"I would like to express my profound appreciation to you for the thoughtfulness and care with which you designed these tapes. They absolutely work. In my case, the time it has taken to notice a result varied, depending on the subject being reprogrammed.
I plan to encourage some of my friends to use these tapes, since their effectiveness is unmistakable.
Thanks for your wonderful work."

E.G., Illinois

"I wish to compliment you in your tape - Sex Appeal & Attraction - the results have been real unbelievable! You were correct in your ad when you said one would need track shoes, only I've decided not to run away!..."

G.K., Florida

"I could actually fell overnight results from the PROCRASTINATION tape, and after repeated listening I am overcoming my desire to put certain things off.
Since beginning to use the RELATIONSHIPS cassette, it has become easier for me to talk to people and I have been more open in expressing my thoughts and feelings to friends and family.
The CREATIVITY tape has helped me in my work. I can see ways of constructing projects on my own rather than feeling the need for someone to "hold my hand".
These three tapes together with the MIND & BODY TUNE-UP are helping me to become a more effective person, both personally and professionally. I feel more positive about myself, my work, and others."

S.P., New York

"I had purchased some of your subliminal tapes and used them for several months. During that time I found myself slowly changing into a new person who is a lot more confident and positive towards life.
I ordered the #023-Interpersonal Relationships cassette and found out that I am actually making new friends and even my other relationships had become better before. I no longer have second thoughts about reaching out to other people.
The #017 - Let's Get Organized was quite stupendous. Before, I used to have all my work at college in shambles since I didn't have much time to concentrate and finish all my assignments in time. Now, all of a sudden, as a result of the use of your cassette, I find myself much more orderly and getting all my work done quickly and more relaxed. I actually enjoyed it.
Thanks very much for your cassettes that really helped me out in many sections of my life. Enclosed together is my order for 5 more of your cassettes. If you do have any new releases of your cassettes, then please send me your catalog..."

S.K., Canada

"I've been using some of your subliminal tapes for several weeks. I can only compare it to being born again... Our society would become a more sane society if the entire population would use your products."

A.J., Illinois


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