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Every Title on this page is available for $10.95 USD Plus shipping!

     BODY BUILDING For CD For Cassette
     BOWLING For CD For Cassette
     TENNIS For CD For Cassette
     GOLF For CD For Cassette
     BASEBALL For CD For Cassette
     RUNNING / WALKING For CD For Cassette
     SKIING For CD For Cassette
     LET'S EXERCISE For CD For Cassette

Train your body to respond to your desires. Subconscious suggestions translate these desires into reality. Activate and transfer your untapped mental powers to your conscious awareness and improve your game. Good mental attitudes make good winning attitudes. Gain confidence in your abilities and increase your enjoyment of any sport. The sky's the limit!!!

I gave your Athletic Abilities tape to our quarterback
...he played the best game of his career the next week." NFL training coach

Also ordered a custom tape with copies for all active team members. A noticeable improvement as a team occurred the following week.

Now accepting payment via PayPal!

Psychodynamics Research Institute
PO Box 322, Cedar Park, TX 78630

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