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Button (242 bytes) Leadership

     8 Volume Set for $69.95 For CD For Cassette


  • Effective Selling
  • Effective Speaking and Writing
  • Business Excellence
  • Developing Managerial Skills
  • Gaining Executive Status
  • Company Unity
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Money Management

Button (242 bytes) Power Learning

Power Learning 4 Volume Set for only $29.95. For CD For Cassette


Are you or your children an A-Student, waiting to be released?

  • Develop Effective Study Habits
  • Improve Your Reading Skills
  • Accept Responsibility For Your Achievement
  • Spend Time Learning Instead of Rearranging the Clutter.

Do all this with no effort, no boring lectures and no drills or exercises!

Now accepting payment via PayPal!

Psychodynamics Research Institute
PO Box 322, Cedar Park, TX 78630

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