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Potty Training For Toddlers
A positive approach to toilet training. This cassette is designed to supplement and reinforce the training effort by parents and teachers. Ideal for stubborn children who know what to do, but won't.
(Recommended for children 18 mo. through 3 years.)
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On The Way to Adulthood
Reassurance of the normal emotional and physical changes which occur in older children... acceptance of new feelings while developing attitudes of expression and responsibility... overcoming the difficulties due to peer pressure during the transitional years.
(Recommended ages 10 through teens.)
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Developing Good Study Habits
A subliminal approach to increasing the desire to study. This recording offers positive suggestions of organization, persistence, and confidence necessary for the development of good study habits. Mental attitudes make the difference between drudgery and enjoyment.
(Recommended for ages 6 through adult.)
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A Messy Child's Guide To Neatness
Does your child's room look like a bomb hit it? Afraid to look under the bed? Shudder when your open the closet? Subliminal suggestions promote responsibility and raise a child's self-esteem while encouraging neatness in their appearance and surroundings. A very positive approach to consideration of their possessions and those of others. Neatness is ok!
(Recommended for all ages.)
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Imagine learning any subject quickly and thoroughly. Increase your knowledge and improve your skills. Learning can be enjoyable... Learning can be fun. Bring out your hidden potential for learning now.
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Bed Wetting
Positive suggestions of self confidence and reassurance will enable your child to overcome this frustrating and embarassing problem and awake dry and comfortable each morning.
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