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* The only sounds you will hear on the Psychodynamics' recordings are the background sound of music, ocean, etcetera. The subliminal messages imbedded in the background provide you with the confidence and motivation to make the necessary changes in your life and aid you in the achievement of your goals.

* Time compression speeds up the spoken word to a point highly perceptive to your subconscious which is most comfortable processing information at a much faster rate than the conscious mind can function.

* Scripts are not included with the recording as our experience indicates that the effectiveness may be diminished when the suggestions are consciously known. Scripts may be obtained upon request after you've used the cassette for a 30 day period. ($1 each).

* Programs may be effective immediately or usually within one month, but do not impose any time limits for effectiveness as this may be counterproductive.

* No special concentration is required when listening to the recording. You may go about your activities as you please.

* Recordings are 30 minutes in length. Message content is identical, although the background sound may differ. Most recordings will have music and ocean sounds.

* Our regular cassettes may be played in any standard cassettes player.

* Our CDs may be played in any CD player.

* We are committed to quality. Only the most effective , tested and proven techniques are combined on high grade media.

* Due to the mixing of the subliminal suggestions on the recordings, there may be a deterioration in music quality; however, this will usually be very slight and not normally noticeable.

* Distributorship information is available upon request.

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